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Final North Solent SMP Document and Policy Statements

December 2010

Final SMP

New Forest District Council have prepared the final North Solent SMP and supporting appendices on behalf of and in conjunction with the members of the North Solent SMP Client Steering Group.

The different sections of the North Solent SMP are available to download below:-

adobe icon North Solent SMP Contents [242kb]0.2Mb
adobe icon North Solent SMP Section 1 [2Mb]2.7Mb
adobe icon North Solent SMP Section 2 [65kb]0.01Mb
adobe icon North Solent SMP Section 3 [843kb]0.8Mb
adobe icon North Solent SMP Section 4 [150kb]0.1Mb
adobe icon North Solent SMP Section 5 [2Mb]2Mb
adobe icon North Solent Action Plan (Nov2010) [143kb]0.01Mb

adobe icon North Solent SMP Glossary [79kb]

Summary of final policies

adobe icon Map of Policies for epoch 1, 0-20 years [892kb]0.9Mb
adobe icon Map of Policies for epoch 2, 20-50 years [892kb]0.9Mb
adobe icon Map of Policies for epoch 3, 520-100 years [240kb]0.3Mb

Policy Statements per Policy Unit

adobe icon Map of Policy Units [811kb]0.8Mb

Summary Table of final policies per Policy Unit per SMP epoch

adobe icon North Solent SMP Comparison of final SMP2 policies and SMP1 policies [131kb]

Policy Statement Maps:-.

adobe icon 4D27A Hillfield Road, Selsey to West Street, Selsey [1Mb]

adobe icon 5A01 Selsey West Beach to Bracklesham [1Mb]

adobe icon 5B01 Portsmouth Harbour entrance to Gilkicker Point [4Mb]

adobe icon 5C01 Hook Park to Warsash North [1Mb]

adobe icon 5F01 Hurst Spit [2Mb]

adobe icon 5API01 Langstone Harbour entrance to Portsmouth Harbour entrance (harbour) [4Mb]

adobe icon 5AHI01Langstone Bridge to Northney Farm [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A02 Bracklesham to East Wittering [1Mb]

adobe icon 5B02 Gilkicker Point to Meon Road, Titchfield Haven [1Mb]

adobe icon 5C02 Warsash North to Swanwick Shore Road [1Mb]


adobe icon 5API02 Langstone Harbour entrance to Portsmouth Harbour entrance (open coast) [5Mb]

adobe icon 5AHI02 Northney Farm [2Mb]


adobe icon 5A03 East Wittering to Cakeham [1Mb]

adobe icon 5B03 Meon Road, Titchfield Haven to Hook Park [3Mb]

adobe icon 5C03 Swanwick Shore Road to Bursledon Bridge [1Mb]


adobe icon 5AHI03 Northney Farm to Mengham [1Mb]

 adobe icon 5A04 Cakeham to Ella Nore Lane [1Mb] 

adobe icon 5C04 Bursledon Bridge to Botley & Curbridge to Satchell Marshes [15Mb]


adobe icon 5AHI04 Mengham to Chichester Harbour entrance [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A05 Ella Nore Lane to Fishbourne [3Mb]


adobe icon 5C05 Satchell Marshes to Hamble Common Point [1Mb]


adobe icon 5AHI05 Chichester Harbour entrance to Langstone Harbour entrance [6Mb]


adobe icon 5A06 Fishbourne [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C06 Hamble Common Point to Hamble Oil Terminal [1Mb]


adobe icon 5AHI06 Langstone Harbour entrance to North Shore Road, New Town [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A07 Fishbourne to west of Cobnor Point [2Mb]


adobe icon 5C07 Hamble Oil Terminal to Ensign Industrial Park [1Mb]


adobe icon 5AHI07 North Shore Road, New Town to West Lane (Stoke) [6Mb]


adobe icon 5A08 west of Cobnor Point to Chidham Point [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C08 Ensign Industrial Park to Cliff House [940kb]


adobe icon 5AHI08 West Lane (Stoke) to Langstone Bridge [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A09 Chidham Point to Nutbourne [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C09 Cliff House to Netley Castle [859kb]


adobe icon 5A10 Nutbourne [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C10 Netley Castle to Weston Point [877kb]


adobe icon 5A11 Nutbourne to Prinsted [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C11 Weston Point to Woodmill Lane [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A12 Prinsted to Stanbury Point [992kb]


adobe icon 5C12 Woodmill Lane to Redbridge [3Mb]


adobe icon 5A13 Stanbury Point to Marker Point [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C13 Lower Test Valley [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A14 Marker Point to Wickor Point [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C14 Redbridge to Calshot Spit [3Mb]


adobe icon 5A15 Wickor Point to Emsworth Yacht Haven [3Mb]


adobe icon 5C15 Calshot Spit [784kb]


adobe icon 5A16 Emsworth Yacht Haven to Maisemore Gardens [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C16 Calshot Spit to Inchmery [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A17 Maisemore Gardens to Wade Lane [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C17 Inchmery to Salternshill [2Mb]


adobe icon 5A18 Wade Lane to Southmoor Lane [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C18 Salternshill to Park Shore [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A19 Southmoor Lane to Farlington Marshes (east) [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C19 Park Shore to Sowley [751kb]


adobe icon 5A20 Farlington Marshes [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C20 Sowley to Elmer’s Court [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A21 Farlington Marshes (west) to Cador Drive [2Mb]


adobe icon 5C21 Elmer’s Court to Lymington Yacht Haven [3Mb]


adobe icon 5A22 Cador Drive to A27 [1Mb]


adobe icon 5C22 Lymington Yacht Haven to Saltgrass Lane [984kb]


adobe icon 5A23 A27 to Fleetlands [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A24 Fleetlands to Quay Lane [1Mb]


adobe icon 5A25 Quay Lane to Portsmouth Harbour entrance [2Mb]


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